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Scientiae Educatia: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains [p-ISSN 2303-1530| e-ISSN 2527-7596] publishes a scientific paper the result of the study and review of the literature in the sphere of natural sciences education and natural science. Additionally, this journal also covers the issues of environmental education & environmental science. This journal published twice a year in June and December. 

This journal published by the Department of Biology Education, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon collaborates with Perkumpulan Pendidik IPA Indonesia (PPII) / Indonesian Society for Science Educators. MOU here

This journal has been indexed in Google Scholar, DOAJ, EBSCO, Moraref, Garuda Sinta, and more indexing.

Scientiae Educatia: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains has been accredited SINTA 3 at 1th April 2020 by Ministry of Research and Technology / National Agency for Research and Innovation (Ristek-BRIN) of The Republic of Indonesia as an academic journal in Decree (No. 85/M/KPT/2020) and effective until 2024.


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Vol 9, No 2 (2020): December 2020

Table of Contents


High School Students’ Argumentation Skills: A Study of Sundanese High School Students’ Opinion-forming Skills about Human Cloning Issues PDF
Bambang Ekanara, Ilma Riksa Isfiani 121-133
Students' Generated Questions Quality by Developing STEM-based E-Module in Science Learning PDF
Annisa Nurramadhani, Suci Siti Lathifah, Irvan Permana 134-152
Developing Flipped Classroom-based Mobile Learning Media to Teach Optical Physics PDF
Setya Fery Widyastuti, Endro Dwi Wuryanto 153-165
The Readiness of Natural Science Secondary School Teachers in Distance Learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic PDF
Nur Efendi, Septi Budi Sartika, Noly Shofiyah 166-175
Investigation of the Profiles of High School Students’ Mental Models of the Concept of Photoelectric Effects PDF
Yeni Rima Liana 176-188
Transformation in Biology Learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic: From Offline to Online PDF
Kintan Limiansi, Anggi Tias Pratama, Rizqa Devi Anazifa 189-202
A Knowledge Analysis of the Implementation of STEM-Based Learning of Prospective Chemistry Teachers PDF
Viqri Rolanda, Muhammad Adlim, Muhammad Syukri 203-215
Developing BTEM-Based Virtual Biology Laboratory to Improve Students' Critical Thinking Skills on the Concept of Bacteria PDF
Ipin Aripin, Yeni Suryaningsih 216-227
The Improvement of Prospective Teachers' Life-long Learning during the Plant Diversity Course with 5E+e Inquiry PDF
Muhammad Syaipul Hayat, Nuryani Rustaman, Adi Rahmat, Sri Redjeki 228-244