Vol 5, No 1 (2023)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24235/ijas.v5i1

This issue has been available online since 31st May 2023 for the regular issue of May 2023. All articles in this issue (7 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 13 authors from 4 Countries (Indonesia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Jordan)

Table of Contents


Reception of The Social and Political Dimensions in Baradouni's Poetry PDF
Mahdi Yousef Mohammed alshawesh 1-26
Representations of Feminism In The Drama Series Qalb Al Adala By Walter Parkes And William Finkelstein PDF
Azza Zahra Rafiqah, Bastian Zulyeno, Siti Rohmah Soekarba 27-42
Textual thresholds in the Deewan (Alienation and Expatriation) by Hashem Saleh Manna PDF
Thana Hussain Aldhafeeri 43-58
Discourse Analysis and the Capacity of Linguistic Studies to Theorize a Framework PDF
Yusuf Murtadha 59-76
Simplification of Arabic Preparatory Classes Through an Intensive Learning in Higher Education PDF
Slamet Riyadi, FNU Rozaanah 77-90
Arabization: Its Concept, Importance, Methods, and Term Crisis PDF
Basil Faisal AL-Zu’bi, Hashim Saleh Manna, Rijal Mahdi 91-104
Improvement of Arabic Speaking Skills Through the Total Physical Response Learning Method at The State Islamic Junior High School PDF
Muhammad Afthon Ulin Nuha, Nurul Musyafa’ah 105-121